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Originally Posted by till View Post
But feel free to try it. Just make sure that you backup your system in case that this breaks the setup as mpm-worker might cause issues with PHP. To install mpm-worker, use this command:

apt-get install apache2-mpm-worker
OK, thanks and thumbs up for the good, clear explanation. I might have to "fork" out for more memory then, but with a VPS it can mount the costs up.

So let's say I double the ram to 1Gb, and I get another webmaster with a similar sized site to share the hosting costs (with him as a separate user/client etc in ISPconfig) am I just going to be back to square one?

In other words, if 512Mb is only just enough to run 1 small-ish site, if I double my costs and RAM and have two smallish sites and 1Gb RAM, am I shooting myself in the foot? Or does the overall memory usage not work like that?
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