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So if he has 4G RAM and it's 100 times more than he needs, surely 512Mb RAM is enough for a simple, low-volume local town forum running on phpbb with a max of about 20 users online at any one time?
Thats not the case. You can not simply break down the numbers mathematically on a request per megabyte ram basis as there is a minimum ram rquirement for apache to work properly and for the kernel to keep files cached instaed of loading them from disk for every request.

So are you saying that swapping to worker, which the other guide says uses less RAM, would not help me then?
Yes, thats what I'am saying. Switching to worker might be on option for a server that runs a single website with mod_php and has high traffic or uses .html and not script files, as it helps apache to scale better under high load. But I dont expect that this will make much difference on a small setup like yours.

But feel free to try it. Just make sure that you backup your system in case that this breaks the setup as mpm-worker might cause issues with PHP. To install mpm-worker, use this command:

apt-get install apache2-mpm-worker
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