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Originally Posted by till View Post
I guess the most likely reason for your problems is the very low RAM of your VPS and not the apache threading module. For a full featured server like it is sinstalled in the perfect setup guide, you should have at least 2 GB RAM.
Hmm, but this, I don't understand. All the mail features are turned off, and I saw this post:

> I'm running Apache 2.2.9 on a machine with 4G of RAM, and the server
> experiences about 100,000 hits a day, ~1G bandwidth and about 30,000
> page requests.

That's about 100 times more memory than you should need for the load
So if he has 4G RAM and it's 100 times more than he needs, surely 512Mb RAM is enough for a simple, low-volume local town forum running on phpbb with a max of about 20 users online at any one time?

So are you saying that swapping to worker, which the other guide says uses less RAM, would not help me then?
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