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Default "The Perfect Server" - but why prefork for Apache?

I installed "The Perfect Server" on my 512Mb RAM Ubuntu 10.10 VPS following this excellent guide.

But it says:

aptitude install apache2 apache2.2-common apache2-doc apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-utils ...etc
And sure enough, if I run apache2 -l I get:

Compiled in modules:
I've had continuing memory and resource issues whatever I tweaked, and then I saw the following guide:

Chose the right MPM for the right job:

prefork [default MPM for Apache 2.0 and 1.3]:
Apache 1.3-based.
Multiple processes, 1 thread per process, processes handle requests.
Used for security and stability.
Has higher memory consumption and lower performance over the newer Apache 2.0-based threaded MPMs.

Apache 2.0-based.
Multiple processes, many threads per process, threads handle requests.
Used for lower memory consumption and higher performance.
Does not provide the same level of isolation request-to-request, as a process-based MPM does.
Excuse my newbie-ish questions, but after having had a good poke around, I'm still not sure if and how I can swap the running versions of Apache.

I just want to try running worker instead of prefork for a day or two to see how it goes. How can I achieve this? Thank you!
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