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Exclamation Imap folders missing after changing mail servers - Dovecot Problem


We set up a new mail server and moved users' "cur,new and tmp" folders only into new mail server from old server.In other words we did not copy and paste dovecot.index,dovecot-uidlist,etc into new server from old server because they were created automatically.After bringing the new server up,users(microsoft office outlook) complained their imap folders are missing.I investigated and found below information;

I can see those missing imap folders in old server under 'dovecot-uidlist' as follows;

[root@mail ~]# vi /var/vmail/
.Deleted Items/
.INBOX.Air &- Gas/
.INBOX.Caltex Starcard/
.INBOX.Creditors NSW/
.INBOX.Creditors NSW.Statements and Invoices/
.INBOX.Creditors QLD/
.INBOX.Creditors QLD.Invoices and Statements/
.INBOX.Followmont Transport/
.INBOX.Gameco New Zealand/.Junk E-mail/

But in new server,'dovecot-uidlist' is not containing those folders.

[root@mail ~]# vi /var/vmail/
cur/ dovecot-uidlist .Sent Items/
.Deleted Items/ .Drafts/ subscriptions
dovecot.index .Junk E-mail/ tmp/
dovecot.index.cache new/ .Trash/
dovecot.index.log .Sent/

So I want to have those missing folders which are already in old server in new server too.So users can see their disappeared imap folders again.I saw in dovecot wiki,it is not recommended to edit 'dovecot-uidlist' manually.Please give me a solution.Thank you in advance.
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