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Default Amavis SQL-Problem / ISPConfig writes empty fields instead of NULL

Hi everyone

i've a problem with the configuration of amavis:

i would like to use a special quarantine configuration for amavis. So i made an additional config-file /etc/amavis/conf.d/60-myconf, there i defined the different *_quarantine_method's and *_quarantine_to-variables, but it was never observed by amavis...

With $log_level = 4 (amavis) i saw in the logfile (mail.log) that he always takes the *_quarantine_to field from the db, but it was always empty --> No quarantine.
There is the Problem: Amavis takes an empty string as an value too, the field should be NULL, then amavis takes the value from the config file and it works. When i set the value to NULL manually, it works fine... but when i edit the policy in ISPConfig-Panel, it always set value to an empty string "".

some more infos about quarantine-config:

How could i solve this problem? Is it a bug?


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