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Default spelling error in english translation


There is already an alias or forwrd with this email address
should be
There is already an alias or forward with this email address

cc_error_isemail contains and nothing else The
in my dk_ i saw following text before we translated it show following text.
The Send copy to field does not conatin a valid email address
conatin should be contain

the 3 last phrases is in german.

Wollen Sie das Modul und alle im Modul angelegten Dateien und Unterverzeichnisse l�schen?

Wollen Sie das Men� mit allen Untereintr�gen l�schen?

Wollen Sie den Men�eintrag l�schen?

We also found this one, don't remember were:
Invalid domain name od domain contains invalid characters
should be
Invalid domain name or domain contains invalid characters

in our danish translation we can't edit the translation for dk_module_edit.lng
The translations is too long.

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