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Default DNS issue Debian Squeeze ISPConfig 3 Bind

I have installed The Perfect Server Debian Squeeze (Debian 6.0) With BIND & Courier [ISPConfig 3] per instructions into an openvz container. The openvz host is inside my router and is serving my website and email. All relevant traffic is forwarded to my openvz host. I am not using ISPConfig or Bind for dns, this is handled externally.

I have two issues: First while inside the ISPConfig container I cannot ping a domain name and have it resolve. IP's work fine. This is causing a problem with reaching the debian servers for updates and also with resolving an external domain for fetchmail. FYI prior to install of "The Perfect Server" resolving dns was not a problem from inside of the container. If I open all ports on the ISPConfig firewall > 1000 then the domain names will resolve.

Second, trying to access squirrelmail with causes a file to be downloaded in the browser. If I substitute my IP here it works as well. There is no change here with firewall status.
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