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Originally Posted by makensy13 View Post
It is the ultimate goal ISPConfig? A product that will be distinguished in two versions:
- The version of the community -> Features basics.
- The paid version -> The set of all the features (with documentation).
Althought this does not sound likely scenario, i don't see any problem about it either.

I am having a hard time to understand complaints about paid extensions, not in ISPConfig nor any other opensource software. If i need that feature, i will buy it. Joomla-templates is millionbusines, most features of openQRM is paid by someone in need, Proxmox has it's commercial side with sponsors and so on. This is not any new thing, people have to eat, opensource or not.

Sometimes feature is allready available, sometimes i have to pay someone to make it, if i can't do it myself. That is the beaty in opensource, not that one can make money without spending it.

For example, we did just buy WHMCS-module for ISPConfig. So far only in test-phase, but code looks great. Our project does also other things we can charge clients, so this billing module is not enough for us.

And no, i did have nothing to do with development either of these modules, and thus i don't get any money from them.
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