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Why did you do not complain about WHMCS then? WHMCS is a billing system with a much higher price which can be used with ispconfig too. So you complain here that we wrote a billing system for ispconfig but you do not complain that others did the same thing. The WHMCS System exists for quite some time.

Nobody that uses ispconfig at home, in a educational area, as office or company mail and webserver needs a billing system. When you need a billing system, then you run a hosting company and make money out of ispconfig. So If I read your complaints right, you complain here that we do not work enough without being paid for your company to enable you to make money esaier with ispconfig? Our company pays already for at least 98% of the code that gets added to ISPConfig and we offer several hours of free support per day here in the forum. So do you really think that your rants here are appropriate?

So if I understand correctly ISPConfig will not be a product OpenSource but gradually moves to a proprietary product.
You did not understand correctly. Nobody said that ispconfig will become a commercial product nor that there will be a commercial version of ispconfig.

The add ons are paying and will therefore restrial time.
It is the ultimate goal ISPConfig? A product that will be distinguished in two versions:
- The version of the community -> Features basics.
- The paid version -> The set of all the features (with documentation).
No. There is no commercial version of ispconfig planned.

You mix up several things here:

1) ISPConfig is free and will be free. It is licensed under a open source license (bsd license). The Billing module was never a part of ispconfig 3 nor was it in the roadmap for ISPConfig 3. If you want to write a free billingmodule for ispconfig, then fel free to do that.
2) The Billing module is a addon for ISPConfig and not ISPConfig itself. Everybody can write addons for ispconfig and publish them either for free or sell them. Thats up to the developer that writes the addon.

It might be more interested in letting users make a donation to support the team.
Which does not work.
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