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My spam has greatly dropped but I still get hit each night...(I swear my users sign up on spam lists just to piss me off) Even though we move a ton of email into the Junk folder and train SA each night, plenty of spam still gets through. It seems many are those damned image spam.

I think there is an image spam filter, (without setting up an awesome spamsnake), has anyone implemented that in our setup here (not spamsnake) on a "perfect server".

I'm curious about the extra server load and how well it works.

Also, I beleive spamassassin is updated when ispconfig is, so I haven't upgraded to the newest SA yet and waiting for the next ispc release. Is everyone using the default with ispc (3.2.5) or has anyone gone past what is installed and is running the latest SA 3.3.1?
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