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I'm very aware of what Google is and how to use it in 00.28 seconds. I posted this here because I trust and value the community here and enjoy the discussion. I've obviously done my own research before posting here which out of 12 sites and sources, every single one recommended PostgreSQL over MySQL just due to performance and how PostgreSQL is hands down more feature enhanced as well as SQL compliant. It seems like MySQL is just a popular database engine for people (mostly web developers) who don't care about SQL compliance and or want just something quick and easy for a database. From what I've read in my own research MySQL is the "who cares, just get it done" database where PostgreSQL is more mature and functional for database administrators.

Every single item posted here can be searched in Google but sometimes people want an answer from 2011 and not some article written in 2005 from an untrusted web source.
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