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Originally Posted by ColdDoT

i've got 2 questions about cfmx 7
first one is:
i just don't get it to work cfmx with virtual hosts with apache.
i've followed the steps of the officiel cfmx guid but i can't get it to work.
it always search for the file in the [cfmx_root]/wwwroot/ and not in /var/server/www/[virtual_host/

second 1 is there a db conecter for cfmx for mysql 5?
i can't find it on google but maybe soms tweaking on conector for 4?

greets kevin valk
I've got Coldfusion MX7 running fine on my Fedora RC4 system with MySQL 4
For your 1st question. Make SURE that you install Coldfusion MX7 (not MX7.1 as it's missing some things)

For the MySQL question have a look here:

I'm in the US at the moment, and my notes on how I did the install of Coldfusion MX7 are on my home PC.
My home PC will go online later today, so if I have time, and if I can access it from this 'slow' connection , I will try to grab the info from it for you.

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