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I've been doing little bit of research... and i have came across this

Then, you have to run the pure-ftpd command with '-l mysql:' (it's an 'ell'
not a 'one') followed by the path of that configuration file. Here's an
example with tcpserver:

tcpserver -DHRl0 0 21 /usr/local/bin/pure-ftpd -l mysql:/etc/pureftpd-mysql.conf &

You can mix different authentication methods. For instance, if you want to
use system (/etc/passwd) accounts when an account is not found in a MySQL
database, use -l mysql:/etc/pureftpd-mysql.conf -l unix

now is it possible that ftp is not pointed into the appropriate directory, as in its only pointed to mysql and not etc/passwd so thats why i can only log in with my root sql password... ?

if so how can i fix this so its pointed to both directories.... if NOT disregard this thought...
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