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Default Ubuntu 10.10 SpamSnake .. 502 Bad Gateway

Thanks for the reply Rocky.

I managed to get it working but its not exactly what I was looking for.
Can I ask you a favor? Would you mind doing a "How to" for the setup of a
Ubuntu 10.10 or CentOS 5.5 with virtual users etc....:

Apache + Postfix + Mysql + Postfix Admin + Dovecot + MailScanner + Mailwatch + Sqlgrey + SpamAssassin + Clamav + Squirrelmail

Or just a "How to" for a MailScanner setup (Ubuntu 10.10 or CentOS 5.5)
Apache + Postfix + Mysql + Dovecot + MailScanner + Mailwatch + SpamAssassin + Clamav

I need to pull mail from a external pop/imap server (like google, local ISP or for local or virtual users, the mail should be able to route internally and if not found relay to a external smtp server (like google, local ISP or but i want to use mailscanner with mail watch or baruwa for scanning mails and i need apache for another site configured for apache virtual host.

Please Rockey
I know I'm asking alot and hope you will consider this task if and when you have time.

Thanks RoboBunny.
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