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Default [solved] various timeouts on server - dashboard timeout


I've noticed some strange timeouts on my ispconfig server. It appears that everytime when some remote content is fetched via PHP this results in a timeout. Here are some examples.

Log on to ispconfig:
the file dashboard.php takes 2.0 minutes (times out) until the page fully loads. In the source code I have the line:
$new_version = @file_get_contents('');

a google javascript plugin looks up a long/latitude destination and the page hangs for 2 minutes and the plugin doesn't load

I cannot update TYPO3 Extensions remotely in the extension manager - it times out after 2 minutes

What could lead to these problems? I have a seperate development server running the same OS/ISPconfig version withouth these problems. Only difference is that on the dev server I didn't change the hostname manually in the config files and that it's not behind a external firewall. Also the dev server is a single server install and the webserver is distributed between email/web. both have allow_fopen enabled. What does like it sound to you what could be the problem?

I'm currently using ispconfig 3.0.3 on ubuntu 10.04

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