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Default Mailfilter folders / files not created

Hi, we have been using ISPConfig successfully for about a year. Recently we found that adding auto responders / custom mail filters stopped working as the required files and directories weren't being created wasn't (we were running V3.0.1.6 at the time).

Since finding the issue we upgraded to believing this may fix the issue. Unfortunately it didn't so we started to look into it in a lot greater detail.

First thing we found after enabling debug was that the job queue had backed up with the .ispconfig_lock file being present. We manually deleted this, however this was recreated everytime ran and no job progress occurred.

As we had created numerous jobs ourselves when testing the autoresponder we decided the most appropriate thing was to try and clear the job queue. There were no records in the sys_remoteuser and we followed earlier advice to clear the sys_datalog which then cleared the queue and allowed to run successfully (or so it appears, no more permanent .ispconfig_lock file).

Unfortunately though, we are still not able to create the autoresponder files from the GUI. and are having to manually create the files by copying the autoresponder.master and creating a vacation.message in order to get it working where required. It appears that any attempt to create files under the mailfilters directory is failing.

For further detail, we are using courier-imap with the maildrop mailfilter syntax configured. From what we understand, it's the maildrop plugin that creates these files / folders. There is a symlink in the plugins-enabled folder for this.

Final things to note:
We don't appear to get any update jobs processed by and they are not appearing in the job queue. just responds with no updates even after updates have clearly been made.

Even with debug enabled we don't appear to get any error or warning messages, and apart from this issue the servers appear to work fine.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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