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Default Enabling Apache Directory Indexes for new ISPConfig Domains


Today, I decided, after a rebuild and upgrade of my VPS, to try out ISPConfig 3. Armed with my newly purchased copy of the manual, I got to work.

So far, I have to say, I'm extremely impressed. For a single user like me who just needs hosting for a handful of domains/users, it works brilliently. I do have one question though, and my apologies if this question doesn't belong in this forum.

By default, directory listing indexes are disabled for vhosts created by ISPConfig. I was wondering if there is some sort of master config I could edit to enable Apache directory listings for new domains that I add in the future? If there is, what do I need to add to such a file? /usr/ispconfig/server/conf/vhost.master looks like the file I will need to edit, but adding options to enable indexes hasn't worked so far. The reason I ask here is that there is no mention of this in the manual, nor in the ISPConfig UI from what I can see. Sorry if I've overlooked something obvious.

Thanks in advance,

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