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Default Rounded corners (CSS) does not work on Debian ISPConfig3 server

Hi Till & Falko,

It's known that IE7 & IE8 are not the best browsers as it comes to CSS.
So, rounded corners defined in css does not work without a fix.
But, when using a fix, it is possible to see rounded corners if you using IE7 or IE8, as you can see here:
However, when we use the same html-file on our own Debian ISPConfig3 server, we can not see the rounded corners in IE7 and IE8:

So, I had a look at the content of the file /etc/mime.types.
There we have have a line, like:
text/x-component htc

Do you know why the rounded corners on our Debian ISPConfig3 server are not shown when IE7 or IE8 is used?
I wonder what else needs to be configured, to make it possible.

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