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Smile Good experience with RoundCube!

I have RoundCube up and running here on my “Perfect Debian Sarge system” and looks very nice!
The last couple of weeks I have tried Horde & Squirrelmail, because the Uebimiau project looks very dead. Although RoundCube is still in Beta, it looks very good with an active community as well.
At the moment, I have Roundcube running parallel with Uebimiau, but when there is a stable version available, I switch over! So I made my choice!

What I did was the following:
I created a website within ISPConfig with SSL and MySQL enabled.
I downloaded RoundCube within this website and extracted it.
Changed the filenames into and in
I changed the timezone, login, password and databasename within the file as described here:
I created a new file for ISPConfig according paulrobert_a ‘s instruction in this thread.

There is a possiblility to login with username@domain.tld and only username without @domain.tld as well.

I had a problem within Roundcube (wrong timestamps for the e-mails), but in the meantime that is solved.

Tip: within the latest CVS version, there are more languages and themes available.

Although Roundcube has nothing to do with ISPConfig, also here is the problem. (The identity of the mailboxuser is not username@domain.tld as it should be).
Maybe Roundcube copies the name@www.domain.tld identity from the server somehow.

If they add more functionality/stability, Roundcube has a great future!


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