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v1.0.1 released (1st Feb 2011)
o Instant activation in WHMCS possible
o Usernamehandling: Creates automatically a unique username (off/on)
o Server-/Servergroupfunctions in WHMCS are supported
o DNS entries are created with the ISPC3 DNS templates (off/on)
o Bug: Domaintool does not work, if Autowebsitecreation isn't enabled
__________________________________________________ _________________

v1.0.2 released (9th Sep 2011):
- Add Loginlink in Clientarea
- Support for plan upgrading
- Support languages which are not in ISPC by default
- Bug: Problems with usernamehandling if it is a name like Johnny De Silva
- Bug: DNS not working
__________________________________________________ _________________

Roadmap for v1.0.3:
- Support for using ISPC Addon Templates (?)
- Support for disc-, traffic-, .. usage in WHMCS (?)
- ...

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