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I'll try upping the memory like you said. I'll also start from the beginning again.. I really really want this to work. When I can get his working, I actually plan on putting my own site up and getting a whole setup rolling. I've already got the mail server running ubuntu using citadel as my email server. It's authenticating to a server 2k3. Just giving some details on my particular setup.


I do have one question that kinda kept me confused. What should I put for my ORG-NAME and LONG-ORG-NAME. Also in the postfix conf file myorigin and myhostname.tld

Say if my company was Widget Co. and my site was with my mail server being hosted at

Third question in /opt/MailScanner/etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf
for the bayes section would my headers be x-widgetco-cc?

Any Help?

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