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Use the dynamic plugin for ispconfig3, it was designed for it. ispc2 works differently but had the same basic concept/function as the way awstats for ispc3 was made (well 3 was based of 2).

yeah that theme will not work as of 3.0.3 (I believe was) due to the new additional "Home" tab at the top. It basically played bad to it I think but I can't remember now, didn't look into it much and might just work off the new default template and tweak it from there and save as a new template again.
I think this is the first of any positive feedback I've had of the theme so thanks, I was kind of trying to pretty it up and make it have more room with a slicker look..etc.etc. hehe
I want to investigate on making it look like Plesk/CPanel but not too sure how well the template will handle that and my css/html ain't the best either.
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