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Thank you for your replies.

Till, I understand what you wrote about clients and limits, my question is about a slightly different matter.

My problem is that I created all the sites and records on my server while logged in as admin (and that's a lot of sites and records). Yes, I did assign each site and record to the client it belonged to - but the problem is that if I log in as a client now, I see all the sites and records that I should see as a client, but I can't change anything.

It's OK when it comes to some global values - like total disk space assigned to a client - that indeed should be set by admin and there's no need to let the client change it (of course!).

But, as I said earlier, there are situations (like when a client has several sites) when a client needs to change each site's hdd quota WITHIN the total hdd quota limit imposed by admin. Like, if it's two sites and one gig totally, from 500 mb / 500 mb to 700 mb / 300 mb, if the client realises that his first site needs more space, and that his second site turns out to be a small one.

It would have been easy if I had created the sites while logged in as a client. But as I said - unfortunately I did this as admin, and so basically now I'm trying to find a way to make all the sites actually created by admin behave as if they had been created while logged in as a client.

Is it possible?

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