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Originally Posted by dimas View Post
Thank you for your reply,

as for 2) - in some cases I have a situation when, say, three sites belong to a client. I have allocated, say, 1 gb for all these sites totally. I want the client to be able to split this 1 gig of hdd space among his 3 sites. In the current setup (as explained in my first post) it's not possible because the client can't change each site's limits imposed by admin. So best of all for me is to allocate some total hdd space for CLIENT - and let him manage the rest.

That's why I'm wondering if it's possible to change ownership without recreating everything from scratch.
You're right. I was thinking only on clients with only one site configured.

If I think of it, one never knows when a client will buy another site, and then your idea of changing permissions is really usefull (and necessary)

Does someone know if is it possible to change a site's ownership?
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