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Originally Posted by dimas View Post
Please kindly answer two questions regarding ISPConfig 3 setup.

1. Is it possible to safely change the modules shown to clients? For example, I don't want to let some clients change (or even see, for that matter) the DNS settings. I know there's a System --> CP Users section where I can theoretically do this, but there's a warning about a possible data loss, and also the manual (which I downloaded by becoming a subscriber) says that this section is for admin users only.
AFAIK you can enable/disable modules from System --> CP Users, with no problem at all
The warning is about changing username/password/groups
Please, someone tell me if I'm wrong

Originally Posted by dimas View Post
So the question is - is it possible somehow to change the ownership of all these records from admin to the corresponding client? (Deleting and recreating the records is, sadly, not an option, because it's a production server, and there's 150+ sites there already).
You don't have to change ownership. It's even better to create sites as admin, that way your users won't be able to change things.
Simply change site quotas as admin, that's all.

Client's quotas/limits is about the client capacity of creating/changing things. If you don't want your client to modify his site, you must create it as admin.

Of course, this is a problem if your client is a reseller. In this case, you must create reseller with *CUSTOM* template, and make all other changes login in ispconfig3 as reseller.
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