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I'm just kinda special. I did a google of greylist and found an answer to that first post. Here is the result of what happens when the message finally gets bounced back to me. It acts like ClamAV isn't configured quite right.

================================================== ==

Our virus detector failed to completely analyse a message you sent:-
Date: Fri Jan 7 14:37:31 2011
Any parts of the message that could not be analysed will not have been

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, we strongly recommend you change your
outgoing message format from "Rich Text" to "HTML" or "Plain Text".

1) Click on the "Tools" menu and choose "Options..."
2) Go to the "Mail Format" tab
3) For message format, select "HTML" or "Plain text"
4) Click OK

The virus detector said this about the message:
Report: Report: MailScanner: Message attempted to kill MailScanner

================================================== ====

I did also try to send a plain text email, but that got bounced too. I'm at a loss here. No messages are getting through. Any help offered could and would be greatly appreciated.

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