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Default A few questions on client's modules and limits

Please kindly answer two questions regarding ISPConfig 3 setup.

1. Is it possible to safely change the modules shown to clients? For example, I don't want to let some clients change (or even see, for that matter) the DNS settings. I know there's a System --> CP Users section where I can theoretically do this, but there's a warning about a possible data loss, and also the manual (which I downloaded by becoming a subscriber) says that this section is for admin users only.

2. I made an error of judgement when setting up the server - sadly I created all the clients' web sites etc while logged in as admin (obviously I should have done so by logging in as the clients themselves), and now I have a mess with limits and quotas, because the client's limits and quotas (that is, limits and quotas that were set by me when creating the clients) do not work for the entries created by admin. (I found this out too late - well, I was thinking that it was enough to just assign a web site etc to the client to make the limits work...)

So the question is - is it possible somehow to change the ownership of all these records from admin to the corresponding client? (Deleting and recreating the records is, sadly, not an option, because it's a production server, and there's 150+ sites there already).
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