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Default Move Spam Emails to Junk directory by default? Spamfilter = Normal by default?


is there any option to have
mailfiter "Move Spam Emails to Junk directory"
set by default for each mailbox?

Regular BFU will never turn any kind of mail filter on, and then people are complainign that they are getting spams into inbox

i Tried to change
move_junk=y as default in table mail_user , but its not enough..
for new user Move Spam Emails.. is checked in in ISPC, but sieve script is not on place..
i have to uncheck this option in ISPC and then check it back if i want to right /var/vmail/domain/user/.sieve script on place


It will be beautifull have also the choice
Mail Domain => Spamfilter => Normal
Mailbox => Spamfilter => Normal

selected by default with all new email domains and all new mailboxes..

Something as default "Email Domain/Mailbox" template....

i'm using Ubuntu 10.04LTS + Dovecot

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