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however ispc3.0.3 is set up to do it, is how its doing it, I haven't changed or modified anything from default

and thinking about it, I am not so sure about what I said before, If the log files were rotating at about the same time as awstats, then I wouldn't be getting 30 mins worth of data for this site, I would either get 1 or 2 mins worth, or 24 hours 30mins worth, but I am getting 30 mins worth. for this one site, so I'm a little confused now.

What is the best way to confirm when the log files are being rotated? the 2011mmdd-access.log.gz files all have a changed time of 12:31am give or take a minute, which is why I said I thought they were rotating at about the same time as awstats was building the stats.
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