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Question Debian - The Perfect Server Setup

Hi all,

phpMyAdmin on my server was attacked with this exploit
and there's so many tables that were filled with code to the point of no repair.
I was running FC8 and today I decided to make a switch to Debian. I'm hoping its good decision because I was debating between FC14 and CentOS? Mostly I'm worried about dependencies when installing something.

I would like to install ISPConfig 3 and make whole server more secure so this or something else does not happen again.

Right now I'm in process of backing up all my files to a attached USB drive in data center and after that I was gonna start "The Perfect Server Setup".

Can someone please provide me with link to most current ISO so that people at the data center can burn on DVD/CD and I can start install process with help howto on this site.

Also, does "The Perfect Server - Debian Lenny" for ISPConfig 3 exist?

Thanks in advance!
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