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Default Cannot delete domain, Recycle Bin Won't Empty


I am a newbie to this forums.

I have the same problem. I mean, I am unable to delete a DNS domain. It gets deleted form the ISPconfig tree but nothing is changed on the filesys, i.e. named.conf remains untouched and pri.domain unchanged as well. Yes it goes to the recycle bin but I am unable to empty it. The most I can do is restore... but only sometimes. Right now, for instance, I am unable to access the recycle bin as it says that the system is being updated. On the ispconfig.log the only thing that appears relevant is the statement that the recycle bin is in use.

Now, we are unable to change anything in DNS!

One thing that might be relevant, is that we changed in Management, server, settings the default Ns1 and 2 and Admin e-mail.

We are using CentOS 5.4 with ISPconfig 2.2.24. We never messed with the database!

We are not an ISP and we only use ISPconfig for its ease to have several sites with email and so on. For DNS manager, for instance, we only have 9 domains...

Please, help me sort these out!

Thnk you in advance,

José Proença de Andrade
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