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Originally Posted by falko
Like this:
chown ftpuser:ftpgroup /path/to/directory
This would change the ownership of that directory only. If you also want to change the ownership of the files and directories that are in that directory, you'd run

chown -R ftpuser:ftpgroup /path/to/directory
I really love this howto guide!
One question about ownership.. What do i need to change in order to permanently change the ownership? Ive tryed to just change
"('exampleuser', '1', MD5('secret'), '2001', '2001', '/home/',"

"('exampleuser', '1', MD5('secret'), '33', '33', '/home/',"

But it didn't work. I mainly use this guide to run a webserver, and i often get ownership problems when installing CMS's like Joomla and such. I use Debian and want the ownership set to Apache.

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