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Originally Posted by Drex56 View Post
So I have found the file that puts in the "--ini" into the command. Its called "/usr/lib/uwsgi/init/snippets" and I couldn't see a problem with the syntax (which is "echo ${1: -3}" for those who care)...So I hacked it (badly!). mine now reads

"echo ini # ${1: -3}"
Yes, it was my unintentional mistake. Sorry for distributing buggy uWSGI package (as excuse, I can tell that this line works perfectly in Debian).

But there is good news. I've made new packages of uWSGI for Ubuntu 10.10 (and 10.04) where this bug was fixed.

If you're interested, take a look at the PPA page:

Or just replace line
echo ${1: -3}
echo "$1" | sed 's/^.*\(ini\|xml\)$/\1/g'
Technically speaking, buggy line has bash-specific syntax, but default shell on Ubuntu is dash, where bash-specific things doesn't works. This is why this line fails.
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