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Default Suggestion: Allow community to (moderated) update how-to's


First and foremost - awesome stuff on the howto site, have learnt a lot over the span of a few weeks. It helped to ease a lot of the fear that I had about using a linux server.

Now for the suggestion

I have noticed that as a lot of tutorials have been written a while back many parameters like links, etc have to be updated. As users come across updates i hope there was a moderated feature to update the tutorial itself rather than leave it as a comment. Reason being that you have to first try out a non-working link (if you are a new user you first PANIC! and then maybe if good sense previals you scroll down and look at comments)

If you could edit the how-to's like a wiki or something and then wait for a moderator or an advanced user to verify the same, it could save a lot of trouble and the community helps to enhance and update the site content.

I know that this would be asking for a lot but it would be a really good feature if it could be implemented.
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