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Originally Posted by till View Post
Please undo that as this change will cause the database to be erased at the next update attempt. This is a issue thats already fixed in You should have better installed right away.

I dont understand what you mean with that. Please post a screenhsot.

To get the system to work again, please undo all the changes that you did in the amavisd setup before you update to as it might be that even reinstalling amavisd will not fix the changes you did like the removal of the amavis user. You might better have asked before you did that... If you would have wanted to disable just amavisd, you could have commented out just one line in Its all described in the ispconfig faq.
Amavist was still running and was causing the error.

I let the thumbnail for the empty fields into the db.

To solve this, Should I install ISPC3.0.2 upload the ispconfig from 3.0.2 and afterward make an upgrade to 3.0.3 ?
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