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Default Openvpn to encrypt communication between ispconfig slaves and the master

Please don't follow any advice from the previous post, my apologies. I gave up that idea.
A good solutions should not be that difficult neither involve modifying core files.

I realized that we have a wonderful tool easier to setup that could do the job, openvpn.

Since 2 weeks I'm playing with openvpn within the multiserver environment and it seems to be the perfect solution to encrypt all the communication between servers (ispconfig internal jobs, mysql replication, rsync, etc...)

It was as easy as change /etc/hosts in all servers and add in there the other server names with their tun IP's, then change ispcsrv users in master mysql database to reflect the new IP's.

What do you guys think about this solution? Is any of you already running openvpn within ispconfig?

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