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Once again, thank you for your help. I am super impressed with the new architecture of the snake.

I actually did this howto on top of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid because I wanted to run this box for quite a while.

I got Baruwa configured and I like it mutch better as a front end for MailScanner. I actually had no idea that I could set up accounts for each client to manage their own spam trails, so I will continue to monitor my now 'in-production' snake and then slowly disclose to my clients how to log into the Baruwa and manage and track their own spam and quarantines.

As I continue to monitor my snake, I see that the greyfix is a busy process. I use Splunk to monitor the box and there are a lot of greylist entries.

I know the Hardy-based snake used PostGrey and I managed the greylist in MySQL (where I have almost 1000 entries.) As effective as the greylist feature is, it did create some confusion for my client's senders and for my help desk. Should I just try out the new greylist system and live with it's out-of-the box functionality? -- or -- should I use the suggestions from the website ( to implement the whitelist?

One of my next projects related to the snake is to setup either a central MySQL server so I can run two postfix gateways and one MySQL server. Alternatively, I will learn how and implement a MySQL synchronization so the databases will use the same features and I can have a truly centralized way to manage the snake "heads".

I wonder how the snake compares in features and performance to the Baracuda appliance.

Thanks again.

Deconn Technical Services
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