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Default AWStats log of bandwidth bytes


Default ISPConfig site log configuration includes only a document size, but not the actual download size. I wonder if it makes sense to add this to ISPConfig:

1. Enable Apache mod_logio, if it is present
2. Add %I %O to the end of ISP custom log in Apache's ispconfig.conf
3. Modify AWStats log format template to have %bytesd not for the document size, but for where %O is placed.

Presently - if a Chinese bot connects to the site to download 10MB file and immediately disconnects after downloading 1K, log will still register 10MB size for each request and thus awstats/ispconfig_bandwidth will report incorrect data.

For hosted user accounts this makes sense, because a user may visibly exhaust his bandwidth allowance easily, without actually exhausting anything - by means of these false entries. This happens all the time when somebody uses a download manager to download files.

I first noted this problem when my colleague asked, why our web site ISPConfig bandwidth stats stated 100GB bandwidth, while on a Cisco switch it was showing somewhere around 20MB consumed total traffic.


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