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Default The Perfect SpamSnake - Ubuntu Jeos 10.10 - Managing transport relay_domains etc

First, thank you for the SpamSnake. I've been running two for almost 3 years now and have filtered MILLIONS of emails.

On my Hardy (Ubuntu 8.04) SpamSnake, I got used to using Webmin's MySQL to manage the greylisting "whitelist" table, and the file in /etc/postfix for "transport", "relay_domains" and "relay_recipients" and others.

I see now that MySQL is playing a bigger roll in the spamsnake.

I copied my "transport" "relay_domains" etc.. from my old hardy spamsnake to my new spamsnake. Did a "postmap transport" and fed the snake a simple email from the command line using telnet.

I tailed the "/var/log/mail.log" file and found that postfix used DNS to deliver the email instead of using the designated IP addresss of the host for deliver from the "transport" list.

Is there a rerference for managing the postfix features now? Do we use MySQL or continue using the local files in /etc/postfix.

Any assistance is GREATLY apreciated.

Deconn Technical Services
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