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Originally Posted by till View Post
...Regarding addon templates, the values get added to the normal template. If you dont know how it works, I recommend that you try it by createing a new addon template and then assign it to a client which has already a main template.
My clients won't thank me for using them as guinea pigs. Best to get this kind of info from manuals, or from those who know (which is why I bought the manual after all).

Perhaps if someone knows the answer they could post it here please?

If my life depended on it, I think I would clear the form first and then just enter the values that I want added to the main template, but hopefully someone's already been here before?

Thanks in advance. :-)

Thought for the future: It would be useful if there was a tab for 'Actual Limits In Force' for a customer or domain, where the result of applying any additional templates is computed and the resulting limits displayed.
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