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Originally Posted by holykim View Post
Hi Till

Thank you for your great job.

I installed ISPConfig on my test server and had testing with my remoting code which I am using on

All seem working fine just except the fuction 'client_update' as this gave me an error "SOAP Error: Wrong Version".

Can you please advise how I figure out this?

Thanks inadvance.


Solved. modify the client_update function in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/classes/

Find this line in the function client_update:
$affected_rows = $this->updateQuery('../client/form/client.tform.php', $client_id, $reseller_id, $params);

Change to:
$affected_rows = $this->updateQuery('../client/form/client.tform.php', $reseller_id, $client_id, $params);