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Post Additional Template Clarification Needed

I've set up my main client templates for 'budget', 'silver' and 'gold' packages and now wish to create an addon template to add just 1GB of storage to a particular client.

I went to create a new additional template and was confronted with a pre-filled form containing many limits which already contridict my main templates. Sure, I could edit the "Web Quota" limit to "1000" MB's which I'm relatively confident will add 1GB of storage to whichever client this template is applied to, but I'm worried about the other pre-filled settings. How will they affect my existing templates?

Should I delete all the other fields or set them at '0' before I save it? If so, I wonder why they are pre-filled to start with?

For example: Traffic quota is set by default in the addon templates at "-1" but in my main templates, I've ammended this as I can't afford to give most clients unlimited bandwidth. If I don't edit this in the additional template, won't any customer to whom I apply this addon, get upgraded to unlimited bandwidth?

I find this really unclear :-(

I appreciate your help.
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