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Default Don't delete shell access

Just want to give headsup

If you create an shell account via ISP Config 3 - Don't DELETE IT.

This happend to me.

1.) Created an local user / shell account from within isp config
2.) At a later stage had issues with it.
3.) Deleted the account
4.) Created a new one.

That resulted in the sites directory being DELETED (!!!!) from the filsystem. All symbolic links where still there but:

The /var/www/clients/ClientX/WebY directory where DELETED.

As this is a farily new server with raid5 I haven't had time to plug it in to my tape library - meaning i lost about 1 months of work, thanks alot

Also the "slave server" option in isp config does not copy any data (that I knew of course) but for beginners that is valuable to know that "slave" in ISP Config does not actually mean anything.
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