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Ahh my server seems to be working fine from now on.

What it is, is like I said its fine the hardware, not sure why most people are so concerned with it being the hardware as that works perfectly fine.

But its the size of the swap partition, just repartitioned Linux to use a 1GB swap file, so it can have enough space to save to a like the paging file in Windows, but Linux uses a RAM drive in the hard drive as system primary memory.

It was obviously going by the error trying to write to an already locked file, so thats why creating a bigger swap file makes sense, sorry swap partition as its technically appreciated by the old windows systems of a RAM drive (the ones you can load windows into whilst you reinstall it), can actually still do that in XP, as I used to do that in lab sessions at University and at college.

Just thought I'd give a heads up to anyone else having trouble with this dilemma, its actually quite common for real servers, whether it be a tiered server or a base system (like a normal tower processor as such), to have a 1 maybe 2 GB swap file and not the Centos or whatever system default.

Thanks for your time and hope this helps anyone else out having trouble with locked files in their swap system.

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