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Default HowTo WebDAV Windows XP bug Workaround

Hello HowtoForge Community,

I have been reading through endless documentations about WebDAV, and various tutorials, etc searching for a solution to the bug. Since I wanted to use the WebDAV function of ISPConfig badly. Yesterday I found the solution to make windows xp use the old version of the network devices manager. I had a lot of time today and made a quick how to:

First we create a WebDav user:

Now we can install our WebDAV drive in Windows XP. Go to My Network Places and click on "add a network place"

Click on "Next".
Click on "Choose another network location" and click "Next".
now comes the workaround,
usually at this point you type http://example.tld/webdav/
but to make windows use the old version of the network device manager simply type http://user: pass@example.tld/webdav/ without the space between : and pass

Click "Next"
Type your desired WebFolder name in the input-field and click "Next"

Now make sure to put a check in the "Open this network place when I click Finish." and click Finish

Now type in your user and pass in the inputs again and if you want put a check to make windows remember this.

I hope this helps, have fun

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