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Default hierarchical directories in maildir?


id'like to use hierarchical directories in dovecot as described lower. Which can allow me use dots in foldernames, which i always wanted.
But i assume ISPC3 maildir plugin and maybe others will crash then ???

I don't have any testing server at the moment

Directory layout

By default Dovecot uses Maildir++ directory layout. This means that all mailboxes are stored in a single directory and prefixed with a dot. For example:

* Maildir/.folder
* Maildir/.folder.subfolder

If you want maildirs to use hierarchical directories, such as:

* Maildir/folder/
* Maildir/folder/subfolder/

you'll need to enable fs layout:

# v1.1+ only:
mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir:LAYOUT=fs
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