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Default DNS configuration worries


I have been following the ISPConfig 3 tutorial for CentOS and have completed the setup successfully.

My current server connects to the internet via a router and hence I have configured it to use a private ip i.e. 192.168.*.* series during the install process.

At the moment I am unable to access the server from the internet nor can I link up the DNS to any domain I try to host or the domain of the server, do I have to configure the router in anyway to allow the server to be online? I have 2 static ip's given to me by my ISP but I'm at a loss of how to configure the router to allow the server ip (local) to translate the the public static ip. I could be wrong here but I think that is the problem in my case.

Please guide me appropriately.

EDIT: I looked at this post after I posted here and realized that I have to port forward my server's ip address. I had already configured an A record on my domain to point to my static IP address and it does indeed currently point to my router. I have port forwarded the local ip address of my server to forward port 80 and port 8080 but it still points to the router.

- I have added a DNS zone using the DNS Zone Wizard, but I have a query about it - should I add the public ip address here or the private (local) ip of my server (192.168.*.*) ? (configured this using the ISPConfig 3 manual)

- What happens in a multi-server setup? Do I have to also port foward all my other server's IP's and will it work with just 1 public ip?

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