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Default nameservers setup in hosting server control panel and registrar

i have an email from my registrar as below:

You must use the same set of nameservers for your domain name. For example, you can use NS1.DOMAINCONTROL.COM and NS2.DOMAINCONTROL.COM, or you could use ISPCONFIG.yourdomain.INFO and create another nameserver of ISPCONFIG2.yourdomain.INFO. Although the nameservers may point to different IP addresses (or servers), you cannot use our nameservers in conjunction with third party nameservers. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

in this case, in the same ispconfig 3 (or 2) hosting server and control panel, is it ok to create both ISPCONFIG.yourdomain.INFO and ISPCONFIG2.yourdomain.INFO as nameservers and set them up in my registrar system, even though they both point to the same IP/server (even though in concept, they should point to different IP/server )?
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