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Scratch that, its just locked up again, grrr!!

But I am going to try and see if I can perhaps clean the insides out using a can of compressed air, just some physical maintenance on it as such.

Maybe even see if there's anyway of maybe using a 2 hard drive system on it, perhaps its the new hd thats causing the problem but I dont see how.

I just think perhaps its maybe not up to part for centos 4.8, really worrying, do you know any Linux distro's that I would be able to use as a web, dns and email server for now?

That I can use with your tutorials that would work with the basic following spec:

1Ghz CPU from Pentium its a Celeron processor
256mb of ram (I know its not much but it was a freebie from some charity work I did for some kids, who got computers free of charge and I got one back for them saying thank you to me).

Any help is greatly appreciated,

PS If all else fails, I am going to have to get a refurbed computer (what I was hoping I wouldnt have to do), any good advice from anyone whos brought one from the UK? I want to try and see if I can go for virtualization but what kind of computer would I need for that?

Just maybe so I can seperate the DNS and web service on the 1st virtual and use the email on a seperate one to the main one, also I would like to use DHCP with the DNS (as I dont like the settings in my router, and my newer one kept crashing all the time, typical virgin media eh?).

As I said any helps much appreciated,
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